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We have reopened on a limited basis!
Private lessons:
Private lesson are available to people who are already couples a few days per week. Call 608-270-1550 or email to schedule.  
Group lessons:
If you had group lessons in March or April that were cancelled, I am making Mondays September 14 -December 14 available for you to make up your classes or take new ones. Classes are open to everyone. You will need to make a reservation at least a week ahead of time. There are no drop ins.  Please look at the Group section for details. All make ups need to be completed by the end of 2020. If I have not heard from you, I will consider those accounts closed. I understand if you have safety concerns, just contact me before the end of the year. 

New couples may purchase a class for $17.50 per couple per week. You may register on this site by clicking on one of the "Buy Now" buttons.  

For the few people who paid for dances that did not take place, we will arrange some sort of credit. Please contact me to arrange for your credit. 

Precautions for all students and all activities:
Please do not attend if you are sick!!  Please wear a mask. Students should wash hands in the bathroom before and after lessons. For classes, please wait outside the studio in the lobby. The reception area is not available for seating. Just be safe and considerate of all students. 

 "If you can walk . . . you can DANCE!"

Swing, Salsa, Wedding Dancing, Traditional Ballroom, Country

Learn to dance and have fun while you learn.

Dancing is a great way to spend time with your special someone or meet someone special in the process. 

Most of our students are average people who just want to have fun dancing. We have a very beginner friendly environment and welcome students of all ages. 

Easy to purchase using any "Buy Now" button on this site. Click on the button. For description, just say, "Sale."
For "price per item" just put in the total purchase and leave the quantity at 1. Enter your card information and you're done!
When you're ready just email or call to schedule your lessons at a convenient time for you and your teacher. 

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Your Memorable First Dance.

How do you want to remember your first dance? Many couples want to learn a few moves that take them beyond “hug and rock”. Others want to WOW the crowd with a choreographed dance that will be talked about for years. Whatever you want, my job it to help you get there.

We’ll start by talking about the memory you want to create, your music selections and how much time and budget you want to invest. At our first session we’ll review your music. If you can’t decide the song you like best, we’ll listen, try difference dance steps and see what feels right to you. Then we personalize your dance by adding a little flare – dips, turns, spins – to make it memorable.

Couples usually take between three to five lessons, but depending on your dance and music selection a single lesson may be enough. If you would like a polished choreographed routine, you may need a few more lessons. Dance Easy offers a variety of packages for wedding couples. Private lessons are an ideal way to learn to dance with ease and confidence for your special dance. Group classes and monthly dances are an excellent way to practice and get comfortable in a more public setting.


Our private lessons are a full 60 minutes with exclusive use of a private studio and an instructor who will personalize your wedding dance to any level you choose from "Just the Basics" to more polished choreography. You will be able to practice to your special song without the competition and confusion of multiple shared lessons as with most other studios. 


1 Crash Course Lesson 


2 Lessons


3 Lessons


5 Lessons


Additional Lessons


*Private lesson packages are not refundable but are transferable. There is a 24 hours cancellation/reschedule policy. 

Your Questions Answered

Comfortable clothes for your first lessons. It is helpful to wear clothes that are like your wedding attire as your lessons progress.
That's OK. We'll start with some basics until you have your song. When you do, you can bring it to your lesson on your mobile phone, iPod or CD. If you forget, most often I can find it on YouTube, but it takes extra time from your lesson, so try to remember to bring it with you.
That's very subjective. Some people want just a few lessons. For others, they really like lessons and choose to take many more. For most people, taking one of the packages of 3, 5 10 or 15 lessons gives them a pretty good idea of what they want to commit to learning to dance. 
There is a 24-hour cancel/reschedule policy because the space and instructor are booked exclusively for you. In emergencies, we usually make up the lesson by adding to your schedule or by adding time onto your remaining lessons.

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Private Lesson Packages

* All lessons are a full 60 minutes and personalized to your dance interests.
* Studio space and your teacher are reserved exclusively for your lesson.
    You will not share your lesson with other lessons as often happens with other studios.
* You may share your lessons with up to 10 people of your choosing at no additional charge.
    Great for wedding parties or parents of the bride/groom and the wedding couple. 

Questions or schedule Lessons: Call 608-270-1550; Email:

*Private lesson packages are not refundable but are transferable. There is a 24 hours cancellation/reschedule policy. 

Introductory Lesson



3 Lessons


5 Lessons


10 Lessons

15 Lessons

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Group Lessons & Workshops

  Dancing for Social Occasions -- Beginner Level
Mondays September 14-December 14 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Having fun dancing safely is our first goal. This class structure is different than anything we've ever done.  When we had to shut down in March, some of our students did not get a class or two that they had paid for. Those students should select make up dates during this time period. If I have not heard from you by the end of 2020, I will consider your account closed. If you feel unsafe coming to class, just contact me and we will work something out. Gift Certificates will be honored. If you are a new student, you can select individual dates. In order for this to work for everyone and be safe, I need a minimum number of students and not over 10 students per class. With that in mind, I ask for your cooperation and understanding. There are no drop ins. You must reserve your date at least a week ahead of time. Cancellations must also be a week ahead of time to allow me to plan. Classes cancelled late will be charged. The exception which I hope people will not take advantage of is if you are sick. 

For each class, there will be a sign in sheet with some questions on it. To attend class, you must:
1. Be healthy
2. Not have been exposed to anyone testing positive for COVID 19
3. Not have travelled out of state in the last two weeks. 
4. Wear a mask

Our class room will be available. There are 5 tables with seating for 10 people in the room. Please do not sit in the lobby. Upon your arrival, sign in and wait in the class room. Everything is sanitized prior to your arrival. Please wash your hands with soap prior to entering the studio and when leaving. There is hand sanitizer in the lobby. 

All classes are $17.50 per couple per week payable in advance. You can register online by clicking on one of the Buy Now buttons. During this time, there will be no drop ins or packages of 4 or more lessons. Each class will be built around the students attending. You can be a brand new beginner. There will be something for everyone. If you have questions about the class or how to register, please contact me. Email is best at

So how will the class content work? Isn't it going to be disjointed? During this time most couples will only attend 1-2 classes of the 12. Of course couples are welcome to continue and they can do so by reserving the dates they want. We will work on the most common dances for events such as weddings. Even if you don't have one coming up, you'll be prepared. We will focus on perhaps two complimentary dances per session. A slow dance and a faster dance. Some have expressed an interest in Latin dances. For new people, they may think those dances are harder. They are as easy or difficult as any of the other dances and we can organize the group so that you can dance to whatever music is most of interest. 

After December 14, I will reevaluate the interest in groups and the Covid situation. My goal for these classes is to honor the lessons purchased before the shut down and give people a safe outlet to have some fun and dance. 







4 Lessons

10 Lessons

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What our Students Say.

  • " DanceEasy is a terrific place to learn how to dance…but it’s more than that! Marlene is the charming and talented owner/instructor of DanceEasy and she has a knack for helping those with two left feet find a right foot and gain confidence. She also helps those with more natural dance abilities progress and expand their repertoire, to feel even more comfortable and light on their feet. "

    Amy and Marty, Madison
  • " You're a one-of-a-kind teacher. You inspire, you challenge, you guide, you give, you praise, you listen, you encourage, you care . . . You make a difference in the lives you touch."

    Sheryl & Erik, Madison area
  • " Thank you for making our wedding dance the hit of our wedding celebration. We were pretty proud to have “nailed” a four-minute rumba that had the last three minutes choreographed to the music. By the end we had 120 people on their feet shouting and clapping! "

    Allen Jacobson & Lila Daut
  • " Thanks for taking the time to see my wife and I and give us private lessons for our first dance. Your ability to cater to all levels of skill on the dance floor made it easy for us to learn the basics needed to get through our wedding. Your lessons gave us the confidence we were looking for to have a successful first dance. Thank you so much "

    Ian & Leah Isakson
  • " TWe cannot thank you enough for the excellent job you did in helping us with our first dance! It was a huge hit! All night people came up to us and complimented us and told us it was the nicest first dance that they had ever seen. We appreciate the job that you did so much! "

    Joshua and Molly
  • " Thank you very much for making us feel at home with your regulars. We truly enjoyed ourselves and now are enthused about going out and dancing again! "

    Steve Falk
  • " We just wanted to let you know that your knowledge and expertise as a dance instructor hasn't gone unnoticed to us. We would like to acknowledge your proficiency, and also, you are a real people-oriented person. "

    Neil Butcher & Jean Sacia
  • " Our dance lesson at Dance Easy was a delight! Marlene was friendly and patient and made us feel at ease right away. Although our first lesson was just a babystep, we had a ton of fun and we left feeling successful. "

    Maria-Christina Jackson, Madison
  • " I wanted to dance at my child's wedding! Of course, I did learn to dance for this wedding, many thanks to my instructor. . . Now I look at dancing as a tremendously wonderful investment — Jump in at any age! "

    Jim, , Livingston, WI
  • " I first took dance lessons to be able to dance the basic steps at a few dances. As I slowly progressed, I also developed the confidence I lacked before. Now I look forward to each class to improve and learn new techniques "

    Irene Beers, , Verona

Gift Certificates

Add some fun to someone's life, Give your Dance Easy Gift Certificate today.

Purchase Your Gift Certificate

Once you've made your selection, simply complete your purchase using any of the "Buy Now" buttons on this site or call with your credit or debit card. Once I receive approved payment, I can create your gift certificate. and email it to you or the person you designate.  Please send a separate email to request your certificate with the following information.  Send emails to

Creating your personalized Gift Certificate
Include this information as you would like it to appear on the gift certificate:

  • The recipient's name--real names or nicknames are fine
  • Who it is from-- real names or nicknames are fine (you can also ask to leave this blank and sign it personally)
  • Any special occasion you would like me to include such as "Happy Birthday," "Happy Anniversary," etc. The holidays and Valentine's Day are especially popular for gift certificates.
  • How you would like the description to read.  Some popular ones are "Dance Lessons for Two," "One Month of Group Classes," "Private Wedding Dance Lessons," etc. You will get a confirmation email identifying and itemized what you purchased. I usually don't include the dollar amount on the certificate unless asked to do so.

    If there is anything else you want me to include, be sure to tell me. You should be able to include this in your PayPal transaction or you may tell me if ordering by phone.

    Receiving Your Gift Certificate or Sending It To Someone Else

    I should have the purchaser's name, address, phone and email through your payment method.  Please include the recipient’s name, address, phone and email as well.  The gift certificate will be an attachment in an email.  Most often it is one email to the purchaser which will also itemize the transaction for a receipt.  You may choose to have the gift certificate sent to another email address (recipient, friend of recipient, etc.) as an attachment with a similar acknowledgement of your gift in the body of the email.

    For questions or phone orders, call 608-270-1550. 

Saturday Night Dances

There are no dances scheduled at this time as we reopen responsibly. 
Watch for details. 


In Advance

At the Door


Contact Us & Schedule

Schedule and Contact

Madison Studio  

6527 Normandy Lane #200
Madison WI

Phone: 608-270-1550


Studio Rental

Dance Easy has 3 studios available for rent. Contact Marlene at 608-270-1550 or Daytimes, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays have much more availability. 

2020 Schedule

Group lessons will run from September 14-December 14 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Reservations and advance payment is required. We must have a minimum number of people in any given week and no more than 10 people. $17.50 per couple per week. Registration 1 week in advance. Because of the strict safety guidelines for the class, cancellation deadline is also one week before the class date. See the Group section for details. 

Private lessons are by appointment only for people who are already couples. 

Please call 608-270-1550 and leave a voicemail or email

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